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Here’s what some of our customers had to say about us.
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Survey satisfaction score: 100%Peggy M, 4/13/2017
"Crew arrived a little early & started immediately! Very organized, polite & professional! Left jobsite very cleaned up! Answered a number of my questions accurately and politely."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%C Schmitt, 4/12/2017
"Great Job!!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Gloria J, 4/11/2017
"Hedda and Martin are amazing. Fantastic job."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Arnie B, 4/7/2017
"The crew was very professional "good people""
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Mclellan, 4/7/2017
Survey satisfaction score: 89%Julie S, 4/6/2017
"Was not on premises when work was done. I am very pleased with all the work and workers."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Nora, 4/3/2017
"Very hard working, easy to talk with, courteous - prod of their job! The installation was amazing! The guys were awesome! Thanks!"
Survey satisfaction score: 96%John & Mari, 3/30/2017
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Ellertson, 3/20/2017
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Anonymous, 3/8/2017
"outstanding job"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%John M, 3/7/2017
"Great Mechanics = Super = Work Together"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Dick K, 3/5/2017
"Shawn went out of his way to ensure our project was completed on time and professionally. We were very happy to have him on the project. Blairco did a great job, Thank you!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Chad Patton, 3/2/2017
"I couldn't be happier - All staff from start to finish polite, professional and friendly - I have called 3 friends to drum you up some additional business - First Rate!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Peter George, 3/2/2017
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Leah Molasch, 2/13/2017
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Lyn Wilson, 2/7/2017
"When the confirmation email is sent it would be nice to be reminded to make alternate plans for heat and to close the vents so debris doesn't fall down :-)"
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Bennett, 2/7/2017
"Brenden & Peter did a great job. I will request those guys for any other work. And Steve was very helpful. He knows the business up and down. He made the deal."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Bob Lackey, 1/31/2017
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Judy Thomas, 1/30/2017
"I am 100% satisfied with my new heat pump! Steve the sales rep, Shaun and Martin who installed the units were so polite & professional - I will be showing my H pump to friends and will recommend Blairco!! Thanks Again!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Craig Evans, 1/20/2017
"Hedda & Curt were pleasant crew members to be here."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%MacNab, 1/20/2017
Survey satisfaction score: 100%M Patten, 1/17/2017
"Excellent Job!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Jesse Mier, 12/29/2016
"Very happy we called Blairco, will continue in the future."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%George Cruz, 12/21/2016
"I don't know how one can improve on perfection. From 1st contact with Steve in Nov 2015 - thru my incessant questions, multiple bids, then the financing - that all took a year & Steve was always unceasingly kind, patient & responsive. Your crew was always on time, took care in cleaning up daily and the work was done to perfection - including your subs, Olson Elec & SOS Construction. Now I am warm & comfortable with my new system & say "Thank You!" - Deborah"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Banigan, 12/16/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Daryl Gusey, 12/14/2016
"Polite and highly focused. Worked clean and were careful with floors and walls. Couldn't ask for anything to be improved on. Steve on the phone and proposals was excellent as well."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Don Kuzma, 12/10/2016
"Hedda was amazing! Thank you all so much!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%David Kuzma, 12/8/2016
"Shawn & Martin courteous and professional. Installation appears to be very well done; professional. I enjoyed having them do the work."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Ken Jones, 12/2/2016
"Only day one of product use - Thank you. Good job."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Wayne Storm, 11/29/2016
"Hedda was excellent as was his helper. Totally professional, I am very pleased."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%W C Gilbert, 11/21/2016
"Peter was great and is great with customer interaction. He's a credit to your organization. Shawn is a hard worker. Steve's knowledge and personality is the reason I chose Blairco."
Survey satisfaction score: 88%J Coluumbo, 11/18/2016
"Thank you! Peter was great!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Julian Anderson, 11/17/2016
"I was very impressed with the whole process. Blairco is a top notch professional, fair and responsible company. From the sales, to the installation, to setting up other appts - they were amazing, thorough & friendly! Trustworthy!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Sandy Ortman, 11/11/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Mike Bonebrake, 11/6/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Don Slack, 11/1/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 98%Anonymous, 10/31/2016
"Shawn & Peter were very clean & proficient. Very professional. Thank You!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Rachael, 10/21/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Bill & Sherry Thayer, 10/10/2016
"We believe the above questions and our responses tells it all!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%The Hahns, 10/6/2016
"We would hire Shaun + Martin in a heartbeat."
Survey satisfaction score: 98%Licatovich, 9/30/2016
"I had to call ALFA EDEN to clean out the crawlspace other than that everything was okay. I would like to thank Shawn very much, he did a very good job."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Mariana Lewis, 9/26/2016
"Very efficient, professional project. The installers were exceptional."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Leland, 9/26/2016
"Martin and Brendan were outstanding! Great Team - polite, patient, kind, fun, professional and they even cleaned up. Much appreciated for all their work. They know what they are doing! We will recommend you and then to all our neighbors. Salesman Steve was also outstanding and a pleasure to meet. We will call when our furnace needs replacing. Great Guy. Explained everything well and we could understand. So appreciate him!!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Knutson, 9/23/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Anonymous, 9/15/2016
"The scope of the project changed and called for further inspection. Alternatives were discussed and agreed upon. The final project was to take 2 days, but because the work had changed, I was told it is normally a 4 day project. They were able to do it in 3 days! I'm VERY happy with the results. Thank you!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Ken R, 9/14/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 80%Larry Hill, 9/13/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Svetlano, 9/9/2016
"Unexpected sensor issue was resolved within 24 hours. Thanks for a great job."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Nancy Murray, 9/9/2016
"Excellent job, arrived early, finished 3-4 hours earlier than I expected. Thanks!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Becky Renfro, 9/7/2016
"Great Job! I'm Happy!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Gayle H, 9/6/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Don Heason, 9/4/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 98%Tim Gammell, 9/2/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Anonymous, 8/26/2016
"Martin and Shaun excellent work!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Monica & Gerry, 8/19/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%B McCarty, 8/18/2016
"I was referred to you by Shirley B. I was thrilled with the service and will refer others =)"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Deane & Tom, 8/12/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Maria Sanford, 8/12/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 98%June McKellan, 8/12/2016
"Installer was very professional and courteous."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Ken French, 8/11/2016
"Over 100% satisfied, America needs more workers like your crew"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Donna Brown, 8/10/2016
"I wish to acknowledge and express my appreciation of the work done for your company by Peter Klaassen. Peter's presence was the epitome of professionalism, excellence in execution, as well as an extraordinary personal expression of his personal values. Seldom in my experience has such intent, and manners, and cleanliness been expressed by a solitary individual. Peter's dispatch was timely, focused, and a credit to his training. He represents such a credit to Blairco I will not hesitate to recommend him or Blairco to any of my friends or family. Thank You"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Bill Lintz, 8/4/2016
"Very nice and very professional. I love the unit."
Survey satisfaction score: 98%Pat S, 8/4/2016
"Wonderful job, Thank you"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Tammy Thornton, 8/3/2016
"Thanks for moving my schedule date up. It helped me with my schedule."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Matela, 8/1/2016
"Really appreciate the time Bob spent working with me on the best installation and routing, before he even got going on the quote. I knew exactly what I was getting. Brenden and Martin did a quality install! Thanks!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Walker, 7/30/2016
"Hetta and Martin were great, very professional and courteous. Explained everything very well. They went above and beyond what I expected. Very Nice."
Survey satisfaction score: 90%Ryan S, 7/25/2016
"Thank you! Now my heating and cooling won't cost a fortune!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Laura, 7/20/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Keith, 7/20/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Bussey, 7/19/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Rob Dixon, 7/18/2016
"Very professional crew and work looks great."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Mike Acker, 7/14/2016
"Second time using them. Best in the county."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Anonymous, 7/11/2016
"Hedda did a great job. He and his team are very professional! Thank you."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Gregory Rotchless, 7/8/2016
"Wonderful to have good professionals work on my home"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%James Mazzola, 7/8/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Sharon Eck, 7/7/2016
"Blairco was awesome! This is the 2nd heat pump we've bought from them. Couldn't be happier with them!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Anonymous, 7/7/2016
"Both Shaun & Martin were extremely professional, informative and made the installment a great experience. Thank you!!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Barbara Burnett, 7/6/2016
"Great Job!!!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Vince Marion, 7/6/2016
"Outstanding evolution from investigation quote, all the way thru installation, operation testing to final clean-up. This was so enjoyable. Without hesitation I have and will continue to recommend Blairco. An outstanding and totally honest company."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Richard & Joan Stevens, 7/1/2016
"These guys were amazing, what a team. Would recommend to anyone."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Leslie Newton, 6/29/2016
"Thank you!!"
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Anonymous, 6/24/2016
"Couldn't of been any better. Joe good guys. Keepers."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Laurie Thomas, 6/18/2016
"Nice people - great cleanup. A pleasure."
Survey satisfaction score: 92%David & Marilyn Garon, 6/14/2016
"The original plan was only to replace my 17 year old gas furnace. I am so grateful that you recommended I add a new AC system, which I previously did not have. Very good idea and I simply hadn't thought of it! Your staff is very professional and highly skilled. It's great when you find a company that engenders so much trust."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Judy Nichols, 6/11/2016
"Always professional & helpful. Love Blairco."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%David Magistrale, 5/25/2016
"The only thing that was an unfortunate surprise was when the electrical people came. They had to drill in the beams to install wiring - It would have been great to know or have anticipated that there would be debris dropping all over the basement in every nook and crannie which required extensive cleaning. Had I known, I would have cleared out many of the items and covered things."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Kay Shepherd, 5/23/2016
"I would not want the electric contractor to ever do work for me again. Blairco was excellent."
Survey satisfaction score: 88%Juli Link, 5/23/2016
"Great Job!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Jon Blackman, 5/20/2016
"Hedda fixed some problems from the last tech! Overall I had a good experience with the furnace installation. Great customer service."
Survey satisfaction score: 92%anonymous, 5/18/2016
"Your quote was less than half the quote we got from Costco!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Donald Wilkinson, 5/11/2016
"Very Professional"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Gunderson, 5/5/2016
"When we first ordered units we found out the install was a month and a half out, so when I called Steve V. he said he would talk to the boss and the boss had a crew from commercial employees come over in less than a week to do the installation. All & all a great job, great price & on time. Thank you to all that was involved."
Survey satisfaction score: 98%Steve Gibson, 5/5/2016
"One of the best experiences I have ever had dealing with a service provider concerning my home. Everyone from Joe Price, Brendan and Amanda couldn't have been more professional, efficient and polite. I will highly recommend Blairco Inc to anyone I come in contact with that is in need of the services you provide. Thank you!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Aaron Zeazas, 5/5/2016
"Great Job! The men were professional and very helpful. I would recommend your company highly!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Shirley Dosiis, 5/2/2016
"Great job, Thanks for everything. I would recommend."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Troy R., 4/27/2016
"Fantastic price + install"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%F. Brown, 4/25/2016
"Very professional team! Nice job."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Bersani, 4/21/2016
"Great price for units; especially being retired seniors on fixed budgets."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%J. Butler, 4/19/2016
"We couldn't be happier with our experience with Blairco. Steve was great with customizing the bill. The installation was exceptional! The fabrication was done by TRUE CRAFTSMEN!! They did an excellent job with the fit + finish."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Sally Hill, 4/6/2016
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Ionata, 4/3/2016
"Very professional and clean work from the salesperson on down to the technicians. Good Value."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Dave Gassaway, 3/23/2016
"You have great people working for you. So far the heater (furnace) is working great."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Mary Sharratt, 3/21/2016
"Jim did a great job!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Jim Harris, 2/2/2016
"Alex and Shawn were a pleasure to have working around the house + yard. Very professional, but friendly and kind. What a great team."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Barber/Liberato, 1/16/2016
"Very nice job. Thank you!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%R. Rice, 1/11/2016
"The original bid didn't cover the ultimate scope and there was additional cost involved. All additional work produced a better result, however, and I don't mind the additional cost. It would have been easier to plan my budget with a more accurate proposal, however, Hedda & Martin were both great."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Ron Hatela, 12/12/2015
"Crew did great job and were very pleasant."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Betti Weber, 12/7/2015
"Your crew is hard working, diligent to complete above and beyond, always wanted to ensure all was done well the first time. Incredible integrity. Thank you!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Monica, 12/1/2015
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Clanton, 11/27/2015
"Very professional employees - excellent work. Thanks!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%D. Allen, 11/23/2015
"Even though you were very busy, you fit me in so I would have a new furnace for the winter. Everyone was prompt, courteous and accommodating. Thank you Blairco!"
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Diane May, 11/22/2015
"Everyone was beyond professional, from Steve giving us our bid and answering all our questions to our installers and even the ladies in the office that made appointments and payment. This is why Blairco has had our business, our parents' business and three siblings' business for over forty years now. Had four other bids, all less expensive, but to have Carrier and Blairco, it's worth the extra cost to know it's done right."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Michael Sorensen, 11/17/2015
"Just wanted to take a moment to pass along some good words for Joe P. who completed my furnace work yesterday.

After diagnosing what the problem was, he figured out why it was happening and how to fix it. He did this instead of just throwing new parts and pieces in the mix in hopes that it would solve the problem.

He was very professional and personable and we appreciated his work. Thanks to Joe. P. and Blairco."
Keith & Carol Johnson, 11/11/2015
"Installers were competent, knowledgeable and very pleasant!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Knuth, 10/30/2015
"The city inspector just left and I wanted to pass on his compliments. He was very happy and said they did an excellent job!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Alan Binegar, 10/27/2015
"Well done professional job"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%10/24/2015
"Nice work - took longer than expected."
Survey satisfaction score: 88%Ray Kutch, 10/23/2015
"Special thanks to Jim Breen and Joe Price; they were great!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%+Obenchain, 10/20/2015
"Hedda and Jason were super nice and very courteous. I think you have excellent employees in these two men."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Frances Dehlin, 10/13/2015
"The installation was fantastic - great job!! BetterAir NW was great - will recommend both businesses with an excellent commendation."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%+Tyler, 10/4/2015
"Very professional; have heard a lot above the quality of your service from many people."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Tim Schmidt, 9/30/2015
"Initial appt with Steve Voreis was informative. Proposal prepared in timely manner. Job installation delayed because of heavy work schedule. Installers were exceptional. Removal of old unit and install of new went smoothly. Hard workers while maintaining clean work area.

Installer Brandon impressed me with his pleasant attitude, professional knowledge, and great work ethic. Blairco is lucky to have him on their team.

Job well done. Thanks, Blairco."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Leon Nilsen, 9/29/2015
"Job well done!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%9/29/2015
"Install went very well. Crew was very good with explaining things cleaned up very nicely."
Survey satisfaction score: 99%J.H. Schultz, 9/25/2015
"We were very pleased with Hedda. He was a hard worker, very thorough and took good care of us. Kudos to Hedda and your company."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Gary Laster, 9/25/2015
"Shaun and Justin did Blairco proud!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Jay Glover, 9/22/2015
"Shaun and Justin were exceptionally easy to work with, totally competent. Outstanding representatives of Blairco!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Karen Washabaugh, 9/18/2015
"I couldn't be more pleased with the entire process from bid to the installation. Hedda did an outstanding job. It's great when you have someone that takes so much pride in his work."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Deno Vichas, 9/17/2015
"A little ambiguous on bid sheet particulars. Uncertain on vent testing as well (at bidding)."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Richard Spence, 9/4/2015
"We currently had a heat up pump installed in our rental home. Hedda was the right guy for the job! He was awesome and was very dedicated to get the job done. Really appreciate the time he had to sacrifice away from his family to assure the job was done and done right. Unit works like a dream and was a job well done! He was genuine and even though he was there to do a job it was a pleasure to have him in our home. Can't say enough to express how awesome Hedda was! Definitely is a great asset to the company. Thank you very much Hedda!"
Amanda Souto, 9/3/2015
"Both of the installers were extremely helpful, easy to understand, courteous, and willing to go the extra mile. They even helped install the extra vents that were delivered after all the other work was completed We will be happy to refer friends to Blairco."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Jim Torson, 8/13/2015
"I have always been satisfied with the professionalism of Blairco employees. I checked out five other companies before settling on Blairco for replacement of my A/C and furnace and found your prices the best as well as reputation for customer satisfaction."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%8/10/2015
"Shawn and Justin were outstanding, very professional and respectful toward me and my home. Explained proper operation clearly. I would highly recommend them both to anyone looking for great installers. They also have great taste in music!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Tom Orahood, 8/9/2015
"We are so pleased with the professionalism and pride of worksmanship that Hedda and Brandon took installing our furnace and A/C. We would highly recommend Blairco just as highly as the three very strong referrals we received [before we chose them]. Great job guys!"
Survey satisfaction score: 98%James Robb, 7/28/2015
"Hedda was very professional and nice. He loves working for Blairco and we are glad he did the install."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Dick Orr, 7/24/2015
"First, I want to thank Joe for going out of his way to install my heatpump system early! Heartfelt thank you’s. You have a very professional group of men who are also very hard working, friendly, and very comfortable to be around. Jeff went out of his way to make sure the job went smoothly and so did his partner. All the subcontractors, Eric and his coworker Pat, were on time, worked late, and were very professional and cleaned everything up. John, the guy who booted everything up and got it running, was such a pleasant person to be around and took time with me to be sure I knew how to use the thermostat. And Sasha (?) – what a hard working kind person. The girls in the office were also very efficient in communicating with me times and any changes."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Carol Buck, 7/23/2015
"First, thanks Amanda for working us in even though I know you were very busy. Thanks Steve for explaining the installation process. Thanks Hedda for answering my many questions. Great job!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Charlanna Sappington, 7/16/2015
"Excellent man on the job!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Dethoff, 7/14/2015
"The two installers worked very well together, was impressed by all the work it took to install the equipment."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Roger Mortenson, 7/7/2015
"Very nice work done on furnace and gas line."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Sandra Grafter, 6/24/2015
"Your employees are very nice and knowledgeable."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Kim Riley, 6/22/2015
"Had minor problem getting electrical inspection. Did not subtract Mitsubishi instant rebate on original bill. Otherwise very pleased with services provided."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Customer, 6/18/2015
"Great people; the installer was wonderful - so polite. Will recommend you to others."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Bioarner, 6/16/2015
"BEYOND HAPPY! Crews were very professional."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%+Denise Hood, 6/2/2015
"Thanks - great system!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Marcia Sparty, 5/26/2015
"Steve was very professional, helpful, courteous and kind. Very trustworthy - that's why I chose Blairco over seven bids. Hedda was excellent and explained things very well. Nice man."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Dori Hawky, 5/15/2015
"After moving here from California, I tried three HVAC companies - all to never be used again! A neighbor suggested Blairco and we have been happy with your service always."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Norma Hyde, 5/7/2015
"Thank you so much!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Penny Biz, 4/21/2015
"We were very pleased that our opinions were listened to and the job was done to our liking."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Stenbergs, 4/15/2015
"I am pleased with your work; also I love my heat pump."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Margaret Brain, 4/14/2015
"Steve did a great job in the bidding of my job. He listened to my input and requests. He also gave me a competitive price and the assurances I wanted which gave me the confidence I was looking for. It was very easy for me to go forward. Shawn did a great job leading the installation. He did an awesome job with the details and finish work. Thanks."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Matt Waller, 4/13/2015
"What a pleasure to have James as my tech! He went above and beyond explaining the process to me and my granddaughter. I can see why he would your #1 service guy."
Janice Lien, 4/13/2015
"Excellent work! I was very appreciative of the effort made to correct original install differences. And I very much appreciate the effort Shawn made to make this install clean, neat and hidden. We are very, VERY pleased with Blairco all the way around. The reason we called Blairco to start with was due to the very excellent service I saw Blairco techs give at our business office where I work. Sincere thanks."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Jack Powell, 4/13/2015
"The workers were very nice, explained and answered my questions."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Jim Sinims, 4/3/2015
"Need maybe a little more instruction on use of remote, especially for older individuals. Job was done very professionally. Thank you!!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Dan Holland, 3/27/2015
"Hedda and Alvaro were so professional and tended to details. Very polite. I would totally recommend them."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%+3/25/2015
"Alvero & Hedda were extremely professional, polite and hard working. We appreciate their excellent work."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Anna & Steve Stager, 3/19/2015
"The installation crew was fantastic. Brendan Crawford, Shawn, and Hedda - I would recommend them to anyone. Steve Voreis called me and came out that same day to write up my proposal. You were super fantastic!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Irene Pickett, 3/13/2015
"I really don't know how there could be any improvements!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Marian Lowe, 2/27/2015
"I enjoy my new furnace and heat pump! Especially being able to use the internet to control my settings when I'm not at home. The integrity of Blairco is exceptional. You are very customer oriented. Thank you."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Diane Lewis, 2/24/2015
"The Best Service!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Datti Vandiver, 1/29/2015
"Co-ordinating; city permits, pressure test, and all that was the only stressful part of this process. Steve Vareis was so great and all your crew were wonderful! See you in May!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Jo Brown, 1/21/2015
"The crew was really efficient, quiet and trustworthy. Polite, too."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Rosalie Cooke, 1/6/2015
"Excellent job. Thank you!"
Survey satisfaction score: 98%Hewitson, 12/31/2014
"Hedda & Alvaro were very thorough in their work and responded to all my questions and concerns - highly appreciated."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Linda Hagedurn, 12/17/2014
"Well satisfied with their work."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Ray Hilson, 12/12/2014
"Shaun did a great job!!"
Survey satisfaction score: 92%Joseph Sherlock, 12/7/2014
"It was a pleasure to have Brendan & Howard install our new system. They were professional, kept the job site clean, and did the job in the time frame they promised. Thanks."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Larry Shinn, 12/4/2014
"Steve was great, incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. I was very impressed with all of the staff and their work, which was also admired by the city inspector."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Thomas Turkon, 11/26/2014
"Greg Marshall is top notch, along with the installation crew!!"
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Larry I. Smith, 11/15/2014
"The workers were happy/enjoyable to have in our home. Shaun was outstanding a most helpful."
Survey satisfaction score: 94%Weenings, 10/3/2014
"The one thing I wish and I should love ailed the reason for selecting the particular brand of furnace offered. I completely trust the recommended was equal to other brands available. Everybody was very open & answered all my questions and they did a fine job."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Anna Dahl, 9/24/2014
"Very nice crew."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Burnice Beall, 9/15/2014
"The guys on our job were probably the best we've had for a service project."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Jim Hellen, 9/4/2014
"We are very pleased with your company and it was worth the wait."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Hamilton, 8/16/2014
"Shane & crew were great - knowledgeable, explained things clearly and was always on time."
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Jean & Galen Burrel, 8/12/2014
"Jim & Max, the installers, were great to work with. They provided excellent customer service and made sure all our questions and needs were met. They were also very courteous."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Linda McReynolds, 8/5/2014
"As usual, you did a great job and everyone who came was outstanding."
Survey satisfaction score: 96%Barbara Dansky, 7/25/2014
"Everything great. Only unexpected thing was during installation, I had to find a roofer to cut a new vent. Wish I had known sooner – but it all worked out. Brendan is great."
Becky Bidgood, 7/22/2014
"Hedda was very nice, polite, & cleaned the work area well during and after work. On a hot day he stayed and worked for 12 hours. Hedda worked alone too."
Werdel, 7/16/2014
"Jim is a TRUE professional & did an awesome job! Thank you!"
Larry Hoehne, 7/14/2014
"Duct testing was not explained clearly and the amount of time involved, scheduling; however the situation was remedied after I expressed my concerns."
C. Blasdel, 7/2/2014
"Couldn’t be happier with you company and our heat pump unless it was free!"
Missy Richart, 6/11/2014
"Brendan was outstanding and Steve was excellent!"
John Tyrpak, 6/10/2014
"Thanks Joe, your crew is a very easy to work with and I am very pleased."
Mike Davis, 6/10/2014
"Wonderful job! Fast, friendly, fair price. Very satisfied. Thank you!"
Abigail Bartlett, 6/5/2014
"Needed to be informed that leak test & government inspection was not to be completed on day of install. Wrong A/C installed; inconsistent with signed contract. Install crew went way above and beyond in their efforts. They have our highest recommendation."
Survey satisfaction score: 94%Zimmerman, 6/1/2014
"We were extremely happy with the entire process.  The staff was great to work with, incredibly responsive, and reliable.  We highly recommend Blairco."
Melanie Shelton, 5/30/2014
"All the tech people were great and did a great job"
L. Johnson, 4/30/2014
"Great guys to work with.  They 'put up' with all my questions. Thanks so much!"
Linda, 4/17/2014
"I am very pleased with your services.  Thank you!"
Pia S. Nielsen, 4/16/2014
"Everyone worked beautifully together.  Great service and great team. Thanks."
Kellie & Ron Hagen, 4/11/2014
"Thank you to Kent, Max, Tim, Eric, and John.  You have good people.  It was a pleasure to get to know them, work with them--great crew, great service."
Dale Tidland, 4/9/2014
"Very professional & pleasant demeanor!"
Joyce Jenner, 2/22/2014
"Tim & Shawn did an excellent job."
Denny, 2/11/2014
"Tim had awesome customer service skills."
Yvonne Smokey, 1/17/2014
"Good job by all."
Rick Owens, 1/9/2014
"I have always found Blairco employees to be honest, hard working, and courteous (very rare to discover these traits these days.)"
Chris Bene', 1/3/2014
"Tim was truly a gentleman and a pleasure to with."
G. Larson, 12/6/2013
"We were very happy with our service.  Thank you."
Ralph & Doreen Parker, 12/5/2013
"Your install crew (Jim, Hedda, and Brendan) is fabulous.  Very professional & have a lot of pride in their work.  The new furnace looks great & runs great.  We are very pleased.  They can come back anytime."
Gene Clark, 12/3/2013
"I appreciated the attention to detail of all your employees."
Matt Winit, 3/27/2013
"I have been very impressed with your company and with every employee I have dealt with.  We will definitely use you next time we need any HVAC work done."
Phil McCoy, 3/13/2013
"The installers, Tim and Hedda, are very professional.  They told my wife and I ... how they look at installing our Daikin units as if our house was their home—and their work reflected that."
James Pederson, 3/10/2013
"You folks over all did a super job.  It has been a pleasure."
Jeff Buslach, 3/7/2013
"We are 100% satisfied.  We had efficiency issues in general, relative to the set up of our gas furnace...Steve Voreis explained the issues...described multiple options along with benefits of each option.  The quotation was detailed—giving us the ability to choose the best option for us.  Steve rebuilt the “mixing box” of our furnace and the ducting surrounding the furnace.  He installed electric dampers for each floor with it’s own thermostat.  There was a minor issue with misplacement of one of the thermostats, but Steve and the crew resolved the issue as soon as it was brought up.  The furnace works perfectly now, and the results are actually better than we expected."
Dean & Cindy Gadd, 3/6/2013
"The Blairco Installation Team did an excellent job installing the heater and associated equipment in our condo at McCormick Pier.  They were on-time, courteous, non-intrusive, technically competent, & the cleanup was thorough.  They checked out the system and everything worked with no problems.  I would without hesitation recommend this team to anyone."
Al Van Horn, 1/5/2013
"We are very pleased with the professional job done by the installers.  We would highly recommend your company!  We are very pleased with the performance of our Daikin heating system."
Dean & Bernice Tollefson, 12/31/2012
"I’m sooo happy I made the decision to invest in the ductless heat pump—no more wearing long johns in my house!"
Marlys Mattson, 12/20/2012
"Wonderful professional service.  Thank you."
Calvin Blom, 12/1/2012
"My experience with Blairco was excellent.  Jeff Larson was most helpful to us.  We made the right choice to go with Blairco."
Alvin Fischer, 11/22/2012
"Great job, friendly people, efficient work-Thank you!"
Glen Fischer, 11/20/2012
"We give the highest marks for the work.  Steve from sales was great and the crew as well.  We love our new furnace!!"
Smith, 11/7/2012
"Amanda, Steve V., Shawn, Hedda, and John all did a bang-up job for us.  We are very pleased with the installation and the manner in which it was done.  Thanks."
Ed Gordon, 10/29/2012
"The gentleman who did the final installation and explanations to me of how to use the system was particularly professional and had great attention to detail.  Hedda is an asset to Blairco for sure!"
Lois Cook, 10/12/2012
"The service was the best.  No mess left-all nice and clean.  Very nice employees.  Keep up the good work."
Ruth Fosse, 9/15/2012
"Thank you for the fast, efficient service.  The servicemen were pleasant and helpful."
"The two men were very professional in every area.  They worked together as a team and were very polite.  We would have these two men on every job.  They know how to get it done correct."
Ron & Charlene Arnold, 8/21/2012
"Brendan and his assistant were very courteous, pleasant, and hard working."
R. Schollmeyer, 8/14/2012
"Great job! Very professional!"
Charette, 8/10/2012
"Great job--Thank you!"
Sue Stevenson, 8/7/2012
"Very impressed with the crew--very professional, friendly and hard working.  Very clean and courteous.  Good job!"
Lyle Page, 8/7/2012
"Very satisfied & very good job."
Tony, 7/27/2012
"We are so impressed with the courteous and promptness of service.  The installers were very informative and nice. Nice job!"
Chuck Stadler, 7/20/2012
"The work was completed in a professional and timely manner.  Shaun and partner were wonderful.  They were helpful and even placed the unit in a better spot to give us room to walk around the side of our house.  Please thank them again for us."
Rossetto, 7/2/2012
"Experience went well. Thanks."
Melton, 6/7/2012
"The Crew was Respectful and courteous on the job - Thank you!"
Survey satisfaction score: 98%Cherey, 0/0/0000
Survey satisfaction score: 100%Ariel Truss, 0/0/0000