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The installers suggested that we should have been told about roof work as part of the project.

Ted BuckSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Thanks Martin!

MartinSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Martin and his co-workers seemed to be very competent and efficient in accomplishing the installation. They were very careful and thorough with each phase of the work. The final result was a neatly sealed, quiet new furnace. On both days they were here to work, they cleaned up the work area very well. We are very pleased with the job they did.

Burt PaynterSurvey satisfaction score: 98


Brenden great! We thought we didn’t have the extra thermostat, but he called and got this, that was great!!

Jenny ThompsonSurvey satisfaction score: 86


Professional, efficient and courteous. Priced well. Extremely satisfied with both the product and service.

EdriSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Shaun the estimator and Shane the installer both did well. I was not thrilled with glee at the price, but your crew did a good job.

John TibbetsSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Hedda was/has been great. He kept us informed on his progress and was patient showing us how to use the thermostat again. Showed us his completed work, was enthusiastic about his job, very polite & courteous and we are very happy with his job too.

C MendezSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Gary HartSurvey satisfaction score: 98


Really great job. Sorry it took so long for me to return this satisfaction survey.

Barbara BieSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Did a great job, on time, very satisfied. No inspection as of yet. Shane was very easy to work with.

KeelerSurvey satisfaction score: 96


We are very pleased with installation of new furnace and AC unit. Our installer, Brendan, was fantastic and we were extremely happy to have him working on our home. He was very personable and professional. His work ethic was visible every minute he was here. We are confident that his installation was completed in an outstanding manner and he is an obvious asset to the staff of Blairco Heating. Thank you Brendan and thank you Blairco for the services you provide and the manner in which you provide them.

Keith & Carol JohnsonSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Good job, Blairco…wish you could service ALL of my appliance/equipment needs!

Joan MinnichSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Anthony was great – on time – finished the job very clean – left nothing behind – I would recommend you all to everybody. Thanks much!

Lisa KettlehutSurvey satisfaction score: 100


All employees that I had contact with were very professional and helpful. I felt Steve & Shawn did a very good job and were thorough when giving me the quote. Martin & Isaiah worked hard to get my furnace installed in one day. They were very good to work with and Martin made sure to answer all my questions. GREAT JOB!

Barb NorrisSurvey satisfaction score: 98


The person who installed the furnace was extremely professional and did an excellent job.

Gayle JonesSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Job Well Done

AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 86


Very professional.

AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Very lucky to have Shane Poston as the installer. Very helpful and informative. A very caring person who reflects well on to Blairco. Jeff was very helpful also. Good People! Thank you

Karin SandersSurvey satisfaction score: 98


Installers were great. Above & beyond even when called away for another job.

SchwabSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Blairco is an outstanding local small business. I have used them for 25 years. They have never disappointed me & I would not think of using any other firm. They worked overtime in order to achieve the completion time. They were an exceptional team. They left the job site clean everyday. I am absolutely satisfied with the job.

SallySurvey satisfaction score: 100+


Brenden & Isaiah were a pleasure to be around. They worked quietly and disturbed us none! They seemed to know their job and it looks good. Time will tell how good it is.

J.D. LloydSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Great Job – crew was very nice and considerate. Thank you Blairco for being there for us.

WarrensSurvey satisfaction score: 100


You are a great team and a pleasure to have working in my house.

Mary PoperSurvey satisfaction score: 100


Neil SenzSurvey satisfaction score: 96


I was so impressed with the job. Jason as the sales person and then Hedda and Martin on the installation. Hedda made some great suggestions to alter the initial installation plan and this allowed us to free up space for a closet. The work was done with so much care. I was amazed. Thank You!

John VarnerSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


The guys were very nice + very personal. Thank you for a great job. Would highly recommend.

Shirley CoffeySurvey satisfaction score: 100%


I am very pleased with your company, I have worked with many heating/cooling companies in Vancouver. You are the most reliable and professional company I have used. Thank You!!

Mary H ArdenSurvey satisfaction score: 99%


Dean MaunuSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


StocksSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Mike BrownSurvey satisfaction score: 98%


We appreciated Aaron and his helper staying late to finish the job so we would not be without heat. It was predicted to be in the 30’s that night. Thanks so much!!

Phil & Colleen BaronSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100%+


AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


They did a great job, I couldn’t ask for a better job. They were great, Hedda & Aaron.

DeFordSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Hedda was great! His attention to detail, his attitude – Everything about him was fantastic!

Mark & Maureen TaylorSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Good Job, thanks!

CritchfieldSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


I can’t say enough about the quality of work & the professionalism of your people! Thank you very much!

Mark OwensSurvey satisfaction score: 98%


Judy SSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Andrew, Shaun & Shane were very friendly, informed and professional. They all knew their stuff. Happy Employee = Good Company to work for! Thanks

The KempersSurvey satisfaction score: 98%


We were completely happy with the service and outcome. Will tell others about you.

BumpSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Each person was superb in their professional position. You have a winning team of great people. We are very appreciative of their hard work and great job. Thank you.

Mary & LindaSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Very impressed with Shawn & Aaron’s professionalism. Always courteous and thoughtful. Never seemed rushed or otherwise impatient. Work appears to have been completed carefully and deliberately.

Rob & Victoria ClarkSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Hedda was here all 3 days and did a great job. I would request him again to do work at my house. Also Shane.

Andrew GanowSurvey satisfaction score: 98%


Hedda was outstanding. He went above and beyond to complete the installation. He was professional in many ways. Great attention to detail, doing the job right. So personable and friendly. He worked hard to do everything right. It was a big job that he did much of the son on his own.

Scott DynesSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Dave SSurvey satisfaction score: 90%


Everyone was professional, prompt and kind. The electricians from Olsen were very respectful and professional and prompt. From start to finish of the job I was very impressed with everyone involved.

Sandra EastlandSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Very satisfied with everything.

Charles RemingtonSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Work done as scheduled. Installers left work areas clean. Would definitely recommend Blairco. You’re the best!

K. MillerSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


K MacDonaldSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


The crew Shawn and Shane did an excellent job. They are good workers, friendly, experienced and customer oriented. It was a great experience overall.

Bill HofmannSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Betty BanningSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Very professional, best install I have ever seen. Hedda (installer) was AMAZING! He did the lions share of the work, stayed late, had the best positive attitude ever, and we looked forward to his arrival each day. Now, we miss him! Keep up the great work Blairco! We want you to be our HVAC company for life!

Peter GreenfieldSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


These guys not only did a great job installing our AC, they were courteous, friendly and easy to talk to regarding the install. Nice to have them on site.

Sandra + Jim KimiraSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


The entire process was really enjoyable. All the guys were happy to explain things, even when I was probably in the way! You should be proud of your crew.

Sheilah SmithSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


The crew worked very hard to make the air work with our current furnace and installation constraints. Polite, Instructional

Terry AllenSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Daryl BerschSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


These guys not only did a great job installing our AC, they were courteous, friendly and easy to talk to regarding the install. Nice to have them on site.

Sandra + Jim KimiraSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Your people are the best!

AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


What can I say – Aaron and Hedda are awesome. Very very hard workers. Very neat while doing a difficult, hard and dirty job. Furnace is in attic. Aaron spent 95% of his time in attic for two full days. Very difficult working environment. Two story condo. Hedda was up and down stairs at least 1,000 times carrying old furnace and parts down and new furnace and parts up. NO marks on walls or woodwork. I am VERY particular. Furnace install and A/C exceeded by far my expectations.

BacklundSurvey satisfaction score: 100%+


AckermanSurvey satisfaction score: 98%


Michael HenriksenSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Edward EgglestonSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


We will recommend you to our friends + family.

AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Electricians from Olson Electric were also very professional and customer friendly. It was a pleasure to see the two teams of guys work so well together.

Dale BSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


R WarrenSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Professional, clean installation. Hedda and Martin were excellent to work with! Answered all my questions, always showed up on time, always clean professional work – beautiful, functional installation. I’m so glad I chose BLAIRCO again – Highly recommended!

John FSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Both Shawn and the electricians were courteous and professional. We are very happy with the whole proess. The estimate that Steve gave us was $1000 below your nearest competitor, great job for a great price. Thanks

Curtis WhetzelSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Shawn & Mike were great to work with.

Mitch LearySurvey satisfaction score: 98%


All of them very polite & professional

Norma BarrattSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


The crew was wonderful, well mannered, informative. Thank you. I just want you to know that you have a group of wonderful people working for you. They answered all our questions and explained everything they were going to do. When the job was done they explained how everything works and the problems they found with the old equipment.

SchafferSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Shawn and Aaron were great. Jason came out and did an initial bid. Then a walk through with Shawn. Shawn and Aaron came to finish and install. Everything went exactly as promised. The system is perfect and the entire house is at a constant temperature. We moved from baseboard to gas and are glad we chose Blairco. Everything went exactly as promised. Thank you.

PetersenSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Mike + Martin were patient, answered all my questions + even went the extra mile to explain how to open my gas fireplace door so it could be cleaned – and then proceeded to clean it themselves! Remarkable!!

Susan MurphySurvey satisfaction score: 100%


I am pleased with the installation and performance of the new HVAC system installed by Blairco. The three people involved with this install are outstanding technicians. Hedda Valencia’s attention to detail is readily seen when looking at the job site and equipment installation. I mentioned to him that it is too bad that HVAC systems are installed in spaces that most homeowners don’t see them. It’s a beautiful job.

Hedda, Martin Leyva, and Michael Krout worked hard to give me a quality system. An example of the detail of the install is the placement of the condensate line. I had a concern that the condensate would stain the surface of my RV pad. Hedda took the time to neatly place the line so that it drains to a relief crack in the RV pad. Quality is in the details of any job. This job is quality that will allow future maintenance to be performed conveniently and with better safety.

I have contracted to have an ADU built as an addition to my home. I already told the contractor that the HVAC installation will be completed by Blairco Heating & Air Conditioning.

Thank you for making my home a more comfortable place to live.

Leigh PotterSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


ListonSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


I found your installer Shaun to be extremely courteous, business like & in general a very nice young man. The two electricians I had very little contact with but when I did I also found them to be very courteous & business like. You should be very pleased to have such people.

Evelyn HSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


The guys were awesome!!! Really appreciated their overall professionalism.

AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 98%


Excellent Job – Very happy with job.

Walter WebbSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Craig SSurvey satisfaction score: 94%


ASurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Our experience with Blairco was very professional from start to finish. Jason worked with us on the proposal and (mainly) Aaron and Michael installed our new furnace and AC with courtesy and in a very timely manner. The office staff (Amanda and Andria) also were very helpful in answering our questions. We would not hesitate to recommend Blairco for anyone looking for heating and/or AC services.

Charles KupchickSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Todd BSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Aaron was extremely friendly, informative, professional and clean.

Joan WheelerSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Really enjoyed working with Hedda & Martin. Hedda loves his job & it shows. Thanks for a great job.

John PetersonSurvey satisfaction score: 100%+


The team worked on my installation performed above expectations Hedda represents your organization professionally. nathan and Shawn friendly, sincere. Jason salesman and Brandon service technician also excellent. Service continues. I will be a customer for life.

Benita Joseph & Stacy LorimerSurvey satisfaction score: 98%


Hedda and Aaron did an awesome ob explaining, installing and working with us throughout the entire week they were at our house. The new system works outstanding. It is quite obvious that these guys take great pride in the craftsmanship!! Thanks Brett + Wendy R.

Brett RSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Installer was a great guy and did a great job!

Paul ZSurvey satisfaction score: 100%+


I would highly recommend Blairco and its employees. I contacted them because my friend was very satisfied with their work and product. Blairco was top notch throughout the process. Outstanding in workmanship friendly and very helpful staff.

AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


GrimmSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


AnonymousSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Very happy with all the work that was done. Aaron and Mickey were awesome!!

Tamara HSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


Great!! Outstanding work. Use me as a reference. Give Hedda a raise!

Mike IrwinSurvey satisfaction score: 100%

Thank you for your service installing my new Carrier Heat Pump and Furnace. Everyone was exceptional! The salesman, Jason, was very professional and responsive to all my questions and concerns during the bidding process. The office staff was always very friendly and professional whenever I called or had questions. The installation team was very prompt, respectful of my property and always willing to answer my questions and concerns. Hedda is a jewel. I truly enjoyed having him here to watch over the whole installation process and make sure everything was done right. Great Job Blairco!!
Hedda was super to work with, very professional!

HusonSurvey satisfaction score: 98%


Craig LewisSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


System had small programming error first night – solved next day. 2nd thermostat had to get moved.

AtkinsSurvey satisfaction score: 100%


I just wanted to quickly write to you to let you know how phenomenal the service provided by your company has been. The original estimator (Jason) was outstanding and very responsive. The follow on team was fantastic, and in particular I want you to know what an asset you have in Hedda. He went above and beyond during this installation, and made sure everything was done to perfection. He spent a great deal of time insuring that the installation was done in a meticulous fashion, and explained every step. More importantly, he wasn’t satisfied with just completing the job, but rather completing it as if it was his own home.

As the Federal Security Director for Oregon (TSA), I have 750 employees, and I know what outstanding members of the team can do for an organizations reputation. Hedda is such an employee, and I can’t say enough about his professionalism and his work ethic. I know he spent a great deal of time making sure the installation was the most efficient and effective, and for this I’m grateful. I will serve as a very satisfied reference for your company, and in particular will pass on accolades to Hedda. It’s employees like this that provide the growth opportunity for companies in today’s environment.

It’s Christmas……what a better time to recognize a great employee who does great work, and more importantly is just such a honorable and decent human being. Thanks much.

Mike IrwinSurvey satisfaction score: 100%



JBSurvey satisfaction score: 98%